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i'll have more but a few records coming in not only in napa with low 90s, santa rosa, one of the hottest across the board with 94 degrees. besting the old of 88 in 2008. shattering that record. overall we're getting cooling throughout the north and the bay temperatures dropping in the upper 70s to low 80s. but as we take you out now, any one with allergies or respiratory problems will suffer. air quality is decreasing. you can see the haze with the sun setting. we're finding a similar picture in the south bay across san jose and even in san francisco some fog conditions. in the sacramento valley a red flag fire warning also for the northeast and south bay hills with our largest concern through tomorrow morning for the north bay hills. that's where we'll have the lowest humidity and also winds from 15 to 25 miles per hour. another 12-18 hours to go of
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this wind, that's going to be drying before we get changes. speaking of changes, over the next seven days we're going to track one of the strongest systems we've seen in months, at least with widespread rain that will get here and does have rain coming in that seven-day forecast. we also want to give you an update if you follow the giants and cardinals. the game is under rain delay, the rain pushing to the east. there is a batch of moderate rain near busch stadium. after that passes in the next half hour it looks as if we'll have the weather lessening up. still improvement expected over the next 30 to 40 minutes. maybe that will get going. >> jeff, thank you. we'll check back with you later. >> a well known south bay doctor is behind bays tonight accused of trading prescriptions for cash. drug paraphernalia isn't the only thing police say they found in his home. marianne favro joins us with the new details.
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>> reporter: dr. marvin bottom was a practicing peetd trigs for years now accused of providing drugs to minors. for nearly five years the doctor worked here as a director of the valley health plan which provides health benefits to more than 80,000 santa clara employees and families. now he is on $1 million bail facing a list of charges. >> 18 felony counts including conspiracy, possession of methamphetamine for sale, possession of mdma ecstasy for sale, furnishing marijuana to minors, offering to furnish methamphetamine to minors. >> reporter: investigators started checking up on the doctor, while his desk job involved no parents he was writing prescriptions. >> he prescribed 29 individuals over 111 prescriptions of typically abused substances, primarily objection i codone.
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>> this is his estate. investigators say they found plenty of evidence here. >> the home according to the agents was essentially littered with burnt foils that are used to smoke oxycontin and the straws, there was marijuana growing by the house hanging drying marijuana plants in the garage. >> investigators say he would sometimes write prescriptions to known addicts or convicted criminals in exchange for meth or cash. neighbors aren't completely surprised. they have seen police activity recently and say bottom seemed to take a downward turn after his parents died. some remember him as an excellent pediatrician who cared for their kids more than 15 years ago. so they are stunned to learn he is accused of providing drugs to kids. an oppositethe vow he took to first do no harm. he left his job with the county on october 10, the county will
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not tell us whether he was fired or whether he resigned on his own. he is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow f. he is convicted he faces up to 25 years in prison. in los gatos, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. role reversal. the marin county d.a. is investigating a former detective suspected of stealing and using drugs instead of destroying them. he is an eight-year veteran of the police department. the allegations came out during a hearing for a murder case in which he is the lead detective. attorneys for four murder suspects are now asking for new trials. >> we have video to show you in the oakland police are hoping it will help find a suspect in a killing dated back to november 22. pardon me. december 22nd. it shows 23-year-old charles butler jr. bumping into a car while parallel parking and then a verbal confrontation ensues. police say these two men
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followed butler home a few blocks later and killed him. butler's family donated his organs after his death. cheryl hurd is talking to the family and you'll hear what they say about this video tonight at 11:00. >> could the feds take over the oakland police zmept city leaders are gearing up for that real possibility. how would it change the department and would the streets be safer? jodi joins us in oakland. is the federal take over inevitable? >> reporter: raj, city leaders and the mayor hope it is not inevitable but they are preparing just in case. tonight, the mayor is sharing a possible option. she says she doesn't envision a complete takeover, instead is suggesting a softer approach. >> the rank and file officer is finding it very difficult to go out there and serve the citizens with the lack of support that we see from city hall. >> reporter: with violent crime on the rise, the anniversary of
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the occupy protests just around the corner, and a growing call for the opd to be placed under federal control, oakland police are feeling pressure like never before. >> morale is at rock bottom. not only do you have the uncertainty with the discussion regarding receivership but you're also looking at a 20% increase in the most violent types of crime in oakland. >> reporter: nbc bay area confirmed the city is bracing for the very real possibility the oakland police department will be placed under federal control come the end of the year. city leaders are busy brainstorming possible alternatives that include a partial takeover. >> it's options for us to consider, if the judge is interested in placing us under partial receivership those are options we would look at and could consider. >> mayor jean quan says she doesn't want to see chief
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jordan's authority undermined and is hopeful the feds won't take control of the department. but she's coming up with options just in case, including bringing in what she calls a full-time compliance monitor. >> we really need someone here who can immediately say okay, we don't like the way how you're doing this training on use of force or we don't think that it's implemented correctly, et cetera. >> reporter: talk of receivership makes the head of the police union nervous but he says something needs to change. >> 20% increase in violent crime, we hit 100 murders already with 2 1/2 months left to go. the lowest level of police officers on the force in over a decade. that's not a good thing. >> reporter: the mayor says she would not want that compliance monitor to have the authority to hire or fire, but she would like that person to be here in
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oakland full time. of course, this is all left to a federal judge to decide, a hearing on the matter is scheduled for december 13. reporting live in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a san jose man who reported his girlfriend suicide a year ago is tonight under arrest, now suspected of killing her. police arrested anthony almager on homicide charges. p he called 911 last steept report that andrea committed suicide. investigators initially gathered evidence at the scene they say linked him to the death. an award is offered for additional tips leading to the conviction in the case. if you have information you are urged to call the homicide unit. police made an arrest in the death of a man whose body was found in the front yard of a home this morning. investigators say they got a call reporting a disturbance. when they arrived they found him
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in the yard. emergency crews confirmed he was dead. so far no details on the circumstances and police are not releasing the name of either the suspect or the victim. >> the california real estate market is looking healthier this quarter with the number of foreclosures way down. data quick reports the number of homes entering foreclosure haven't been this low since 2007. the number of loan modifications and short sales are up and prices in many areas are rising. more encouraging news, the number of homes lost to foreclosure is down 41% compared to a year ago. tonight team usa is dealing with the major setback in the america's cup. we saw the $8 million accident on live tv during our 5:00 newscast. the oracle boat flipping and the crew members thrown into the water. the boat is back on shore but it needs major tlc. monty francis joins us from pier 80 in san francisco. monty, oracle has deep pockets.
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can they salvage this boat? >> reporter: some of the boat can be salvaged burt the mast has to be replaced. what is left of the boat is now here at a warehouse at pier 80 and all day long crews are bringing back pieces of the boat. we have new video of the dramatic moments on the bay. team usa encountered a shift in the wind and a strong current which caused the boat to capsize. it shows the scene as support crews rushed to the boat and to the aid of the crew. none of whom were hurt. it also shows some of the long recovery mission that went on all night as crews fought with strong currents that carried the boat to the golden gate bridge. the $8 million catamaran is in pretty bad shape. the mast of the boat was destroyed and we're told it will take months to replace. that is not the only setback for team usa. >> our eighth day, now we're not
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going to be able to sail this boat for some time. so we're going to miss out on valuable sailing. >> reporter: oracle was already working to build another wing for the boat but it won't be ready until early next year. the america's cup happens in september of next year and team usa says in the meantime it will practice on the smaller 45-foot boat. so this is a seat back but the skipper is saying this is a champion team and the team will bounce back from this challenge. monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> the sailing show must go on. thank you. still ahead, a controversial practice. why doesn't the state regulate it? the investigative unit gets some answers. >> a rare look inside the places that power your google search and amazon stepping in to apple territory to help your kids. would you believe an evil elmo. the not so warm and fuzzy character that has some parents
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concerned. >> i'm jeff ranieri in the bay area weather center. it feels more like july on this october day, a lot of sunshine, a new record in santa rosa with 94. very warm in san francisco with 84. we're tracking the rain over st. louis as the giants and the cardinals game is currently delayed. looks like some rain continuing at this hour.
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an investigation that uncovered widespread and unregulated fracking in california now has the state's top regulator calling for change. investigative reporter steven stock broke the story and has this exclusive interview. >> we sat down and talked to california's top oil and gas supervisor. he admitted that the state has dropped the ball when it comes to regulating fracking and overseeing this practice. we don't have an exact number of
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how many wells in the state are fracture stimulant. >> you don't know. >> we don't know each individual well. >> fracking is a technique that has raised serious health concerns in communities all over the country where it's used to mine natural gas. in some communities drinking water has even caught fire from the high levels of fracking chemicals that have seeped into it. >> as a scientist would you like to know? is that information you and the public ought to have? >> certainly we want to know. that's why i made the request of industry and they have and they are willing to provide it. >> right now all of that reporting and data collecting is only voluntary. >> we don't know exactly how much liquid water is being used. we don't know the types of chemicals that are mixed in the water. >> you don't know any of that other than what may be told to you voluntarily. >> that is correct. we don't know exactly how many wells. >> that is correct. >> industry advocates point out
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that so far fracking has been used safely here in california to extract oil from underground reservoirs for decades. tonight at 11:00, we sit down and find out exactly what tim wants to do to bring this industry and this practice into public oversight. and we add up what we do know already about the level of fracking going on right here in california. that's tonight at 11:00. hope you'll join us. i'm steven stock, nbc bay area news. >> we'll see you then. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call. 88 hate 996-tips. or e-mail to the >> amazon is taking on apple where it is so well known putting tablets in schools. we'll check in with scott budman. there is a rivalry brewing. >> it really is. they are battling over tablets in the home, now amazon wants kindle ereaders into schools
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introducing a plan to let schools use kindle to download books for students. apple put ipads in schools, we've seen many examples. amazon makes tablets that are less expensive than the current ipad. if you wondered what it looks like to process an internet search google is putting tours of its data centers on youtube we were able to get this video of the georgia data center. the company has eight such centers around the world. it launched with $41 million of capital money, then stalled. now color, a photo sharing phone app is fighting controversy. an article on the web said the app was closing its doors, color put out a statement saying hey, we're still in business. it has struggled to find and keep users. we'll keep you posted. ebay taking advantage of all of the online shopping we're doing. the san jose company reporting
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strong earnings, profits up, the future outlook remains steady. while the current ceo comes back after creating a life yahoo!'s founder jerry yang is creating art. it's on display at the asian art museum through the 13th of january. yang one of the first young billionaires in the dotcom boom. he said he decided to create himself. >> very interesting. thank you. have you noticed it. high up on the mountaintop the fate of the historic radar tower will be decided. a government agency that owns the former air force tower which looks down on the valley will try to determine if it can leave it standing for five years while money can be raised to save it from demolition. the director says at one point they thought the tower had to go but now because of public input they are reconsidering. tonight's public hearing at the
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historic del monte building in sunnyvale. >> a fire in the hills above santa barbara is chasing hundreds out of their homes. the the fire burning in the painted cave area which is the mix of cabins and high end homes on a ridgeline above santa barbara. the fire first started and scorched 15 acres. so far no buildings have been burned. one firefighter did suffer a minor injury. at last check the fire is 45% contained. >> we have fire issues here. let's bring in jeff ranieri. >> it's good evening to you, raj. we're tracking the red flag fire warning and for the giants fans, we had heavy downpours, gusty winds. we hope for the game to get continued in the seventh inning soon. the good news a lot of the heavy rainfall here off to the west of busch stadium is starting to move through right now so we do think over the next 30 minutes we may get this game to continue. we hear there are crews on the field now so may be a sign of
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the tarps getting pulled off. back here at home we had temperatures that felt more like july, 94 in santa rosa. a new record. and they started off in the 40s this morning so about a 30 to 35-degree jump for the north bay, also warm for san francisco and oakland with mid 80s. so record setting about 20 degrees above average. and the winds even aren't all that strong right now but a slight dry northerly offshore wind is good enough to prompt this red flag fire warning for the northeast and also for the south bay hills. worst fire conditions through tomorrow morning will be for the north day where we'll have low humidity and winds from 15 to 25 miles per hour. right now numbers starting to cool off with 70s and low 80s from the north bay to the east bay. we're finding some of the more milder air back across livermore and pleasanton with upper 70s and low 80s. that is not cloud cover, that is
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haze. the air quality suffering through tomorrow. we're also looking at fog-free conditions in san francisco. not often you get it like this in the city this time of year. we start to get clouds rolling in. let's get more on that. we're going to see more hot weather for thursday with high pressure offshore. eventually we're going to see that fade and we'll get the 80s and 90s out of here. one more day of hot temperatures before we get relief. even for tomorrow we're looking at recordsetting heat like in livermore we could top out at 95. this will likely set a new record, temperatures 20 degrees above average. keep in mind for next week huge extremes, down to the 60s with also the possibility of some rain. for tomorrow, none of that in the forecast again, low 80s by the coast, upper 80s by the bay and 90s for the interior valleys. we'll talk more about this seven-day forecast and when our next best chance of rain will be coming up later on in the full
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forecast. >> we'll see you then. thanks, jeff. still ahead, an nbc follow-up. a glimmer of hope for local veterans facing eviction. >> a major pharmacy under investigation in california and the connection to prescription refills. >> we told you about a boy being forced to switch schools because after medical condition. now we'll hear from him. what he's saying about the controversy. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. a court hearing over which middle school an 11-year-old will attend doesn't normally draw the media. following up on a story last night the parents of coleman shared their story on the "today" show. the family is challenging the school district's decision to transfer coleman out of jordan middle school. he carries the genetic mutation for cystic fibrosis.
6:25 pm
at issue is a student with cf who goes to jordan and because of concerns over bacterial cross contamination doctors often recommend that only one cf carrying student be allowed per school. his parents say the district is just overreacting. >> i feel like i'm being bullied in a way that is not right. >> why take a child who is new to the district, just making friends, just building a support network, who is getting to know and liking his teachers who has been well his whole life, why stigmatize him. >> he has attended two other schools with cf children. it has never been an issue ever. >> coleman's parents are homeschooling him for a while until they await the school's position. >> an elderly man treated for west nile in alameda county, the total number in the state is 277. health officials say the man's first reported feeling flu-like
6:26 pm
symptoms in late september and he is now recovering. the case is one of 19 reported in the county's mosquito abatement district. >> still ahead, multivitamins and cancer. >> lance armstrong's fall from grace take as new turn including an about face from a major sponsor. >> and details on the killing of a cia officer in afghanistan. and new video out of syria, a helicopter explodes in midair. what the united nations is asking the government to do for one day to quell the violence.
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>> it was fierce and many of us watched. more than 65 million people tuned in the to last night's debate, slightly down from the 67 million who watched the first debate. the candidates continued their fight in different swing states. president obama in iowa, and mitt romney in virginia. >> i just think the american people had expected that the president of the united states would be able to describe what he's going to do in the next four years but he can't. >> you heard of the square deal. mitt romney's trying to sell you a sketchy deal. we're not buying it. >> plenty of verbal jabs. the third and final debate will be next monday evening in florida, another key battleground state. >> there are 20 days to go in the run for the white house. the focus is on which candidate has momentum headed into the final stretch. i want to bring in larry gerston. the cnn poll, the president won the debate but lost some on
6:30 pm
questions about health care and the economy. what does that say about president obama's chances of stopping that momentum that is building for romney? >> i think it's a couple of things. one, the president has enjoyed the edge in likability. all along and i think he continued that edge last night. whatever the fra discuss between the two of them romney seems more the bully if you will than obama. they both were in each other's face but romney more so. that's likability. but the other side is look, the president has to tell us not only what he's done, where he's taking us. he's our shepherd, our guide. and both he and romney have put ideas out there, romney's got a plan, fla the president says is flawed but the president only talks about what he has done and he hasn't talked enough about what he needs to do. where he's going to take us. that is why people said we're not sure where he is when it comes to the economy. >> well, aside from the fact they seemed like they were in each other's personal space the
6:31 pm
debate is going to be remembered by the quote the binder full of women and the confrontation over libya. the next debate is on foreign policy. whose expertise does that play to and really, do americans care so much about libya when they worry about jobs. >> i think two strands here. it will be very interesting, each of them handles both of these. one has to do with jobs, yes, to the extent we can affect trade, that we can stop other countries from abusing us when it comes to subsidizing products, those kind of issues, china, other countries, that il with be important. trade gets the jobs. the other foreign policy angle has to do with terrorism and national security. again we saw a little bit of that when it comes to libya. of course it's more than libya. is the country safer today than it was four years ago. just the counterpart to is this country better off economically.
6:32 pm
i think the president will probably be able to make the claim that the sun is safer today and mitt romney is going to work hard on the trade angle so. there is going to be an opportunity for both to get in each other's face again when it comes to foreign policy. this third debate because of the first two will be by far the most important not only because of something after tie-breaker but it will be just days before the election. >> true. we'll bring it to you. thank you, larry. >> students and officials at san francisco city college are crossing fingers. the future of the school could be determined by the election. san francisco city is trying to keep its doors open after a college board threatened to strip the financially troubled school of accreditation. the school has until march to turn things around. prop a on the ballot would raise $14 million for the school through a parcel tax. the school could lose $11 million in funding if the prop 30 tax measure fails to pass. >> when you have to start making cuts at a community college
6:33 pm
inevitably it means it affects people. it affects facilities, affects classes. everybody will feel it. >> critics of prop a say the college got itself into troubles with financial mismanagement. the taxpayers shouldn't be asked to bail it out. >> now to a bay area follow-up. they can stay but not too much longer. disabled veterans living on boats have been told that they can stay until the end of november. the marina is not safe to live in and it's too costly to repair. the veterans have been there five years in fort baker. travis air force base rents the arena from the park service. the vets were told they had until the end of september to move out. attorneys for the men, though, say after our story aired, the air force extended the men's stay. >> we're a good presence. we fought for the country and we're older but we don't bother anybody.
6:34 pm
it's not like we're frail. i'm not frail. >> and they want to stay. in the meantime, they are appealing to senator dianne feinstein and other elected officials to help their cause. >> the fallout continues, lance armstrong is out as chairman of his cancer fighting charity live strong. the disgraced former cycling champion said he wanted to spare the foundation negative effects as the result of his doping controversy. just minutes after he made the announcement that he was stepping down, nike announced they were dropping him, saying he misled the company about doping. nike released this statement saying it is with great sadness that we terminated our contract with him. nike does not condone the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs in any manner. >> nike has continued to endorse other embattled athletes like tiger woods and michael vick but none were involved in drug scandals. >> one day of peace, the united nations is calling for a syrian cease-fire on what is a
6:35 pm
significant muslim holiday. >> janelle wang is here with more. >> the united nations peace envoy is calling on syria's president to implement a cease-fire on october 26. the start of a four-day religious feast. it's not a solution but a microscopic step toward peace. syria's biggest ally in the region iran even supports the idea. up until now both sides have blatantly disregarded any verbal agreements to a cease-fire. heavy fighting again today where the syrian government continued to launch airstrikes. check out this video showing a syrian military chopper being shot down. the vatican is sending a delegation as early as next week. >> decide to do this essentially as a sign of solidarity. not only with the christians in syria certainly but really as a
6:36 pm
sign of solidarity with them, the christians, also that syria has not been forgotten by the rest of the world. >> more than 30,000 syrians have been killed. in afghanistan the u.s. confirms the cia officer and army intelligence officer were among those killed this past weekend. the army specialist is brittany gordon from florida. the name of the cia officer has not been released yet. another suicide bombing today at a u.s. post in eastern afghanistan. the car bomber detonated the explosives at the gate of the base, wounding 45 people. the taliban is claiming responsibility for this attack. >> promising news for the pakistani girl shot by gunman. the hospital released a statement saying she is in stable condition and continues to impress doctors. the girl was air lifted to the england hospital for more specialized care after being
6:37 pm
shot in the head last week on the way home from school. the taliban says she was targeted for promoting education for young girls. >> thank you. >> still ahead at 6:00, the pharmacy under investigation for prescription refills. >> evil elmo. why the character is turning heads here in the bay area. >> and good evening. i'm in the nbc weather center. record setting temperatures, even hotter as we head into thursday. that will bring that air quality up to some moderate levels for the east and the south bay and this wacky weather continues. major extreme changes in the seven-day forecast including rain. i'll have that in a few. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising...
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there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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in health matters a daily dose of vitamins may lower your risk of cancer. that's what researchers concluded after a study of healthy male doctors who had a standard multivitamin or placebo for 11 years. ones with the vitamin had an 8% lower incidence of cancer. it's a promising find though not enough to advocate taking a multivitamin. you could you lower your risk. >> some customers accuse the pharmacy of refilling the prescription and billing insurance without consent. others were enrolled without permission. the board of pharmacy is investigating the complaints, if they are true the state can revoke the pharmacy's license. cvs is under investigation after allegations that it billed medicare for prescriptions not ordered or had been picked up.
6:41 pm
>> boy, you have a lot of weather extremes on your map. >> you see the smile? it's hot today. i know that's probably a little annoying for folks in the east and the north bay, in october record setting heat. look at the sunset, it's hazy. we'll let you know when the heat gets out of here and rain returns in the seven-day forecast. >> coming up in sports, why 49ers see old jed york might hand you a couple of tickets four the game. plus, the oakland coliseum is known for being a home to these guys. fearsome black but now raider nation is known for being a fan. the story next.
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6:43 pm
>> a giant fuzzy red elmo with a not so warm and fuzzy past has turned up at san francisco's fisherman's wharf. elmo in a costume goes by the name adam sandler was posing with tourists. he left new york where he wasn't a loveable character. several videos show him launching into rants in front of kids. he was arrested for disorderly conduct twice in new york.
6:44 pm
sandler visiting for the week said he was pushed over the edge by new york's tough environment. >> there's a lot of adversity to elmos in new york. people harass them and i was triggered by people that were harassing me. if they weren't keeping me from making money i never would have done it. >> that's the explanation. he says he is in san francisco until sunday before he heads to los angeles. he is in search for other elmo friendly markets where he can work. >> let's bring in our meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking the rain and the heat. >> temperatures well above average, we had low to mid 90s in the north bay, record setting heat, upper 80s and low 90s for the east bay. now we slowly turned to see numbers come down. mild especially in santa rosa. 80. also 82 in livermore. nice night for dinner outside. to the live sky camera network.
6:45 pm
that's not clouds, that's the haze here as that air quality continues to settle down in the silicon valley. for san francisco, unusual heat with this dry offshore wind, 10 to 20 miles per hour. we did produce 84 degrees in downtown. and we're not done with the heat. the national weather service has prompted a red flag fire warning that will continue throughout tomorrow morning for the northeast and also for the south bay hills, the largest concern for the north bay hills, winds 15 to 25 miles per hour through tomorrow morning, also some very low humidity. so, please extreme caution especially headed up to the sierra, camping or sort of hiking. for the next 24 hours we'll have the high fire danger with us with the winds 15 to 25. by friday we'll start to get cooling and that's going to rapidly change our conditions and we should be out of this red flag fire warning status. we've had extreme temperatures today. take note of this.
6:46 pm
morning started off with 48, then by this afternoon we had mid 90s, that's a 30-plus temperature degree jump. by next week more extreme weather from the 90s today down to the 60s and we're forecasting rain in that seven-day forecast. so as i said, you want to strap on the seat belt close to the seven-day forecast. we'll go for a wild ride. high pressure off shore, the jet stream off to the north, it's going to be good enough to keep storm activity away for at least the next day and a half as we'll stay in the warmer weather, one more day of 70s to 80s at the coast line and also a mix of 80s and 90s inland. then as we head throughout friday we get in on this cooling breeze that is going to be refreshing and continue into this weekend. as for tonight, another extreme temperature drop in santa rosa, 48, 50 in napa and 53 in san jose. it's great thing about bay area, even hot days we get a decent recovery to start. by the afternoon on thursday it will stay hot near record
6:47 pm
setting in the south bay with 90 in san jose. 88 in palo alto, 83 in santa cruz. the east bay, 93 in walnut creek. 92 in dublin and 90 in danville and even 80s for hayward. we'll stay in the 80-degree category and 86 in oakland and santa rosa looks like it will do it with mid 90s. the three-day forecast, 80s by friday inland. that as we head throughout saturday down to the 70s, the ocean breeze comes back with the fog. there we go, monday, a chance of showers late, temperatures into the 70s. 60s by tuesday. and also wednesday. with the cloud cover increasing and right now a 50% chance of showers on tuesday and also for wednesday. i have a feeling there's going to be people on the corners selling those umbrellas. save your money, buy one now. >> get it early. >> exactly.
6:48 pm
>> thanks, jeff. riding a bike and then there is riding a bike. these guys high flying, some of the best in alternative sports are here in the bay area for the dew sports action tour. lauren scott joins us. the last time we saw you you were on america's cup boat. now i presume you're on a bmx bike. >> not the bike, maybe the street course. this is my scene. i love this. great music, fun. it's a huge fall here in san francisco. and now the dew tour. it started like eight years ago. the first one was in san jose, now they are outside city hall. look it's lit up for the giants. down below it's skate practice. and this is what it's all about. take a look. >> for nearly a decade the dew tour put the athletes in the spotlight. now san francisco plays host to the tour for the first time with the nation watching as the
6:49 pm
city's civic center plaza transformed into a collection of street and dirt courses for a four-day series of competition, a festival atmosphere. >> we're looking for a venue that embodies the city feel. we couldn't be happier. we're in front of city hall civic center plaza with the course down the middle. a bmx dirt course and what we wanted, to have this fit in the city and have a great urban feel. >> that is the v.p. of events. the setting couldn't be much better. >> it's definitely insane. you don't see anything dew tour and it's like city block, city block. you turn the corner and there is a massive dirt course in the park. it's rad to see. just getting this in a major city and action sports getting this is awesome. >> getting up close and personal with the fans is another fee. it's free to the public. drew and others will sign autographs at the dew tour
6:50 pm
experience. it's not just sports. there is other action. friday night the indy band portugal the man will be performing here. portugal the man, where are they from, wasilla, alaska. what's the claim to fame? where sarah palin was the mayor. i'll tell you, we're going to have so much action on nbc sports network in addition to saturday and sunday right here on nbc bay area. so check out the dew tour, check what a beautiful night. it only gets better. the dew tour, we're loving it. >> good job. >> portugal the man. >> exactly. here's the man himself. henry joins us in the newsroom. are those tarps out yet? >> you know what, they are removing them u. i'm going to have an update.
6:51 pm
that's where we'll begin. so far no controversial flies but mother nature is not cooperating with baseball fans. we have a rain delay in st. louis, and get this t giants are down 3-1 in the bottom of the seventh inning. matt cain was on the mound before the rain delay. he has given up three runs and six hits, a two-run home run, to matt carpenter who is 5 for 5 against cain. the giants scored on a groundout in the third, play is projected to resume at 7:05 our time, the tarp is coming off right now. by the way, a storm also delayed game 4 of the alcs between the tigers and yankees before the game even started. how about football for you. this is what's going on, manningham listed as questionable for tomorrow against the seattle seahawks. also, joe sale might have to miss out. he suffered a concussion against the giants on sunday.
6:52 pm
however, he says he is ready to play but that won't take place unless he is cleared by a doctor. >> jed york, get this, taking fan appreciation to a new level on monday afternoon, the 49ers' ceo stopped by to say hello to the resident and offer them tickets to the game. york said he passes by the place all the time and admired the 49ers flag hanging outside their house. so hang that flag if you're a 9ers fan. the 1-4 raiders have a chance to turn their season around in the next three games. the opponents have a combined record of 4-12. after almost beating the falcons the team feels poised for a comeback. kate has more from raiders headquarters. >> there were no moral victories in the raiders' loss to atlanta, making sunday's match-up against jacksonville that much more significant. >> i hate losing more than i like winning.
6:53 pm
>> i thought i ran the ball pretty good. like the running game. >> it's a must win game for us. we had a chance, coach had a chance to put all of the standings in the records and show us where we stand. we got to play good football. we got a chance to play in front of our fans. feels like it's been a while with last week and the bye but it's a must win for us. it's an opportunity to start climbing our way back into this race. >> after a 5-month absence aaron curry was back with the raiders. coach said the linebacker looked good but as to where he fits in with the future of the team allen said it's all about how curry's knees respond this week. kate longworth, nbc long area news. >> thank you, kate. by the way, the raiders may not
6:54 pm
be top five but they are on the top teams vegetarian friend i stadiums. a few examples, its vegetarian fans, veggie dogs, black bean burgers, veggie burritos, chocolate fondo. five things i'll never eat in my life, by the way. i'm a meat and potatoes guy and proud of it. yesterday the nhl made their recent proposal to end the lockout offering a 50-50 revenue split. and today the league made that offer public today. we'll have more on that information a little bit later for you tonight. but raj, jessica, good to know some eat healthy. >> she eats healthy. come on. >> i can tell. you too, raj. >> thanks a lot. a half hour of sports kofrnl, watch on comcast bay area tonight at 10:30.
6:55 pm
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6:57 pm
coming up at 11:00, oakland police release a video of a small accident in oakland. you would think it would be nothing but they think it led to murder. we talk to the victim's family. you'll hear from them. >> have a great evening.
6:58 pm
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